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Season 1

Season 1 // Episode 1

How to Manage Your Money, Your Mate, and Your Material Like a Boss!

Business mogul Lalanii Wilson Jones introduces her passion for entrepreneurship, fashion, and living life on her own terms in this first-ever episode. Guests financial guru, author, and star of Debtor's Court TV Dr. Lynn Richardson and R&B Divas reality show creator, TV /film Producer and Grammy-nominated recording artist, lead signer of Brownstone Nicci Gilbert, spill the TEXAS TEA on managing personal finances, the importance of ownership, and key life lessons on bossin up!

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Episode 1:How to Manage Your Money, Your Mate, and Your Material Like a Boss!
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Season 1 // Episode 2

Validation is for Parking Not for People: Throw Up Your Own Confetti!

Business segment guest, motivational maven, author, producer, filmmaker, Cheryl Polote Williamson sits with host Lalanii Wilson Jones in the Big Texas Bossin' studio and shares monumental insight and wisdom on her success and life's purpose. Cheryl encourages listeners to be comfortable being a disruptor of the atmosphere and to validate themselves vs seeking approval of others. The celebrated collaborator speaks to manifesting the desires of your heart through positive affirmations, under promising and overdelivering, and admonishes folks to STOP invoicing for services that they can not provide!


In the fashion segment, Miami-based luxury shoe designer Keya Martin shares with Lalanii how she broke into the business and encourages the BTB audience to follow their passion and step out on faith. Keya reveals how her desire to overcome low self-esteem and boost her self-confidence became the basis of the inspiration of her growing 1-woman footwear empire Keeyahri, now available at Nordstrom in-stores and online!

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Episode 2:How to Manage Your Money, Your Mate, and Your Material Like a Boss!
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Season 1 // Episode 3

Giving Up the Game: Secrets of Breaking into the PR & Fashion Industries

Fashionista host Lalanii Wilson Jones welcomes Fashion Segment guest; international fashion and editorial stylist and image consultant Harrison Thomas Crite. The Memphis native spills the tea on his journey and carving his niche and love for fashion in an incredible career in a most coveted, yet competitive industry. He speaks about the importance of networking, trusting your instinct, and how he started out as an intern on BET and assisting for New York Fashion Week. Crite now styles some of the most influential talents including Starz “Raising Kanan” lead Patina Miller, gospel legend Marvin Sapp, reality star Angela Simmons, singer K Michelle, and countless others.

Big Texas Bossin’ Business Segment guest veteran publicist Anje Collins shares her personal story of resilience, her climactic experiences in Public Relations, giving candid deets from her days working for the legendary Tupac Shakur to starting the biggest PR network for women in the United States. Anje speaks on her passion for the integrity of the PR industry, her books, and her newest business venture Coco & Blue Collective.

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Episode 3:Giving Up the Game: Secrets of Breaking into the PR & Fashion Industries
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Season 1 // Episode 4

Sisters in the Driver’s Seat: Bossin Up from Dating to Innovation

Big Texas Bossin’s Lifestyle Segment features Success Psychologist and Life Strategist Dr. Lawana Gladney who dives right into her inspiring story of how she launched a career in Success Psychology and spills the tea on her methods for working with clients and their mental health in order to change behavior and achieve success. She discusses her book, “If You’re in the Driver's Seat, Why Are You Lost?”, drops keys to having an amazing life, and gives the game on navigating grown folk dating via her podcast; “Single Life with Dr. G: Dating Over 40”!


In this Business Segment, Host Lalanii Wilson Jones speaks with Energy Efficiency phenom Natalie King, the country’s 1st African American woman-owned electric vehicle charger manufacturer! The savvy woman of God commandeers Dunamis Clean Energy Partners, a multimillion-dollar energy consulting and service firm, and shares her inspiration for founding one of the top clean energy companies in the MidWest! This boss drops gems on navigating in a male-dominated industry and keeping her community at the forefront of her mission for carbon neutrality!

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Episode 4:Sisters in the Driver’s Seat: Bossin Up from Dating to Innovation
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Season 1 // Episode 5

Path to Purpose: Women Who Took Chances in Pursuit of Their Passion

The Business Segment features Business Mastermind, Author, and Entrepreneur Dr. Velma Trayham. She discusses her journey to becoming a millionaire and first-generation business owner for her family. The bright and brilliant Houston-native shares with host Lalanii Wilson Jones her road to the success of her company, Thinkzilla, and her passion for advocating for community empowerment!

In the Lifestyle Segment, Lalanii checks in with Sakeysha Williams, a Luxury Vacation Designer known for her sexy “Baecation Designer” services. She discusses repurposing her travel business during the pandemic, designing trips that cater to high-end lifestyles, romantic preferences, and touches on the uptick in “Melanated Travel”. The destination diva offers key tips on how to Bae-Cation like a Boss!

Wild Card Segment guest Publicist, Branding Guru, Author, and owner of Trea Day PR firm, Treavion Davenport speaks on discovering her life’s purpose with only $25 and a dream! She spills the tea on her crisis management skills that helped exonerate rapper Gucci Mane of murder charges - and dives into her gift for storytelling and her work as co-author of urban fiction novel Sugar Mama, Living for the Sacrifice: A Hood Hero’s Guide to Success with Brian Maurice Brown and Trae Tha Truth’s Mythunderstood!


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Episode 4:Path to Purpose: Women Who Took Chances in Pursuit of Their Passion
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Season 1 // Episode 6

Turning Passion Into Purpose

In the Business Segment, we welcome social work veteran, mental health advocate, and Author, Belyne Bland-Xochihua. A woman of many hats, she explains how she got into advocating for hospice and her passion for educating black and brown communities about hospice programs. She also speaks briefly on respite, a hospice service that both caregiver or patient can benefit from, and how important it is for self-care.

For the Fashion Segment, guest Lasonja Polk discusses her upbringing in fashion starting at a young age and the college experience that still inspires her today. She breaks down her style and her passion for bringing patterns and vibrant colors to life in her signature kimonos and jackets. Some of her clientele include speaker and co-pastor Sarah Jake Roberts and retired two-weight world champion boxer Reggie Johnson.

In the Business Segment, we speak with Tarsha Polk Hearns, who is well known as the Marketing Lady, about leaving her corporate job to follow her passion for marketing and providing her expertise to small businesses. She is an author and the Director of the LiftFund Dallas Fort Worth Women's Business Center. She discusses her methods of working with businesses on their brands, the importance of business funding and capital, and how she advocates with LiftFund to assist women and minorities with the capital they need to thrive.

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Episode 6:Turning Passion Into Purpose
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Season 1 // Episode 7

Rewriting the Playbook: From Money Moves to Open Marriage

In this Business Segment, guest Dennice Johnson speaks with Lalanii about her booming Dallas-based VIP Concierge & Relocation business, Hyphen. She discusses crossing paths with the right people at the right time which took her down this fateful path to success. She delves into the unique attributes and competitive edge of her company which serves some of the top teams & star players in the NFL, NBA, and other leagues. She shares the ups and downs in business and bringing her Hyphen App to fruition and her career as both a woman and a minority in a male-dominated industry- all while married to a successful & retired football player/philanthropist and being a dedicated mom.


The Lifestyle Segment features author, motivational speaker, general contractor, and real estate boss Akia Brown. She talks with Lalanii about her early background with her struggles as a young mom who still graduated with honors, to meeting her current husband, an infamous former kingpin from Detroit. The savvy and sexy mother of 7 breaks down the 411 on their very open marriage & the other wives aka “wife in-laws” and introduces her memoir, "Beyond Love", which paints the journey of how she fell in love with her husband before prison & stayed loyal to their bond the entire time - including conceiving their first two children while he was locked up!

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Episode 7:Rewriting the Playbook: From Money Moves to Open Marriage
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Season 1 // Episode 8

Style Matters: Fashion Influences Everything

n this Fashion Segment, Lalanii welcomes her guest, Miguel of Dallas, an acclaimed Celebrity Hair/Makeup Beauty Expert. He discusses his journey, the unique way he transforms his clients through their appearance, and the pros and cons of human hair and synthetic hair. Check out his special tips on making your lace front wigs last longer and endure any “wild” activity. The Fashion fetish continues in this fun segment with Fashion Contributor, Stylist, and Boutique Owner Tamara Hush Lee. The go-to source for fashionistas from coast to coast discusses how she went from a top-notch accountant, using her corporate skills to pivot and start her own traveling boutique with a 2-year game plan. She shares what motivated her to stay focused with Hush Boutique, how she’s managed to stay the course and shift with the times. She dives into costume designing for some major films as well as some fashion tips and why everyone should own a great jean jacket!

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Episode 8:Style Matters: Fashion Influences Everything
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Season 1 // Episode 9

Shake & Bake Special: Recipe for Staying Relevant,
Righteous, & Real!

In this Wild Card Segment and Thanksgiving Special, guest Chef Nikita “Nikki J” Collins speaks with Lalanii about being a modern-day superwoman. She discusses the start of her number one selling “Sweet Potato Thang” and details some of her infamous wedding cakes that went viral. Find out her behind-the-scenes experience being on the Food Network and why she doesn’t watch baking competitions anymore since her last appearance.

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Episode 9:​Shake & Bake Special: Recipe for Staying Relevant, Righteous, & Real!
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