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About The Show

Big Texas Bossin' The Podcast

From startup to triumph, Lalanii has founded and developed multiple thriving organizations to profitability and is spilling the TEXAS TEA on how listeners can do the same. The format features (4) recurring segments:



Guided by Lalanii, the podcast will feature celebrity guests, experts and luminaries from various fields to help listeners and viewers alike flourish in multiple facets of life and BOSS UP while doing it.


“BIG TEXAS BOSSIN!” will feature 60-minute episodes per quarterly season.

Listeners can expect to enter a motivational zone where they will laugh, cry, be

encouraged, entertained, challenged, and empowered to live their life unapologetically,

and true to self - all while vibrating high like a BIG TEXAS BOSS!

The Host

Lalanii Wilson-Jones, MBA is a Dallas-based CEO, whose vision and determination has founded a multitude of successful companies across a variety of industries including healthcare, education, beauty, and wellness sectors.


Her parent company, Mogul 24/7 Enterprises leads her ambitious collection of companies where her mission is to lead and grow opportunities in the community, in order to increase economic prosperity, source social justice, bring enjoyment to the lives of others and to build self-esteem for all those who could really use it. Her organization provides the basis for her operations while also offering business development services, organizational development resources and entrepreneurship mentoring to up-and-coming companies or turnaround candidates all over the world.


The businesswoman powerhouse is also a known philanthropist whose charitable work spans children with needs, help for the elderly, the underprivileged and those ravished by diseases from Alzheimer’s to AIDS. In addition, she has founded the charitable organization Love & Meals which works to provide meals and support for kids in under-served areas in her community.

Meet The Team

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